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Why Choose Direct Car Club?

We are a forward thinking car retail and referral company that removes the smoke and mirrors that most, if not all, dealers use to squeeze maximum profit at the customers’ expense. Through our trusted networks, we have established a market that allows each dealer to enjoy record volume sales and pass the savings on to you by taking a minimal profit on each vehicle. By doing this we created a culture of transparency, trust, savings and happiness that has never been seen or experienced in the automotive sales industry by both dealer and buyer until now.

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Direct Car Club is different that most other auto dealerships

Why We Are Different?

  • No Haggle Pricing - Our unbelievably low prices are always posted in plain view so you can avoid unpleasant negotiations and be confident you’re getting a great deal. Every vehicle is priced below Kelley Blue Book® or NADA value.
  • Vehicle Certification - Every DCC CERTIFIED vehicle goes through a rigorous 108-point inspection by an DCC-Certified technician. Certified cars are worth more, which means you get an even better value.
  • 3-Day Repurchase Agreement - You have up to 3- days or 300 miles to return the vehicle. In the unlikely event you feel the car was misrepresented we’ll gladly repurchase your vehicle as outlined in our refund policy.

How can you make money?

There are two ways you can make money as an agent for Direct Car Club. The first way to make money with Direct Car Club requires you to join by signing up to be an agent on our web page here. Once signed up and membership requirements are completed, you will be given your own personalized website with inventory of cars for sale through our dealer network. Direct Car Club’s marketing strategies will show you how to effectively promote by means of social media, email campaigns and word of mouth among other marketing methods that will increase your customer base. These marketing methods will increase the number of discounted cars sold through your personalized website, which in turn leads to more income.

The second way to gain additional income is made by simply forming your own agency, which means that you have others sign up and join through you. This will increase the amount of sales you will be paid on when a car is purchased through either you or someone you directly signed up to become a Direct Car Club agent. You receive all the financial benefits of owning a car dealership without any of the dealership requirements, cost and compliance. Everyone you invite into your agency will have the opportunity to benefit from making additional income by marketing discounted cars with minimal time and investment. For more information and additional inquiries please contact our enrollment department at

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Same great cars, all below retail

Below Retail Price

We source other dealer’s cars below wholesale pricing and pass on all the savings to you.


On all DCC Certified Cars we show unparalleled transparency and fairness. By our entire inventory being discounted we are one of the most consumer friendly company’s in the industry.


  1. Discounted Inventory
  2. Buying Confidence
  3. Quality of Product
  4. Convenience of Purchase

Haggled Prices

We haggled the prices down for you so you don’t have to! Get our best price upfront and see how fair we are!

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